Houston American Energy Corp. Securities Now Listed on Nasdaqs Global Market

Houston American Energy Corp. Securities Now Listed on Nasdaq’s Global Market
Wednesday, September 10, 2008
HOUSTON, TX.–(BUSINESS WIRE)—Houston American Energy Corp. (Nasdaq: HUSA) today announced that its securities are now included in the Nasdaq Global Market. This tier of the market has some of the highest listing standards in the world, with measures including market value and liquidity. Prior to this change, HUSA had been listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market.
John Terwilliger, Houston American Energy’s President and Chief Executive Officer stated, “We are very excited to be moving to the Nasdaq Global Market. The Nasdaq has some of the highest listing standards in the world, and the move to the Nasdaq Global Market is a significant achievement for the Company. ”
This achievement further represents Houston American Energy’s commitment to providing investors with superior market quality.
For additional information about the Nasdaq Global Market, please visit www.nasdaq.com.
About Houston American Energy Corp.
Based in Houston, Texas, Houston American Energy Corp. is an independent energy company with interests in oil and natural gas wells and prospects. The Company’s business strategy includes a property mix of producing and non-producing assets with a focus on Texas and Colombia. Additional information can be accessed by reviewing the December 31, 2007 Form 10-K, and its other periodic reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The information in this release includes certain forward-looking statements that are based on assumptions that in the future may prove not to have been accurate. Those statements, and Houston American Energy Corp., are subject to a number of risks, including production variances from expectations, volatility of product prices, the capital expenditures required to fund its operations, environmental risks, competition, government regulation, and the ability of the company to implement its business strategy. These and other risks are described in the company’s documents and reports that are available from the company and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.
For additional information, view the company’s website at www.houstonamericanenergy.com or contact the Houston American Energy Corp. at 713-222-6966. Contact:
Houston American Energy Corp. John Terwilliger, 713-222-6966 www.houstonamericanenergy.com