Houston American Enters Into Agreement With Nettlecombe Oil Company

Press Release
SOURCE: Houston American Energy Corp.
HOUSTON, TX, September 3, 2002
Houston American Energy Corp. (OTC:BB, symbol “HUSA”) today entered into an agreement with Nettlecombe Oil Company, Inc. whereby Nettlecombe will act as HUSA’s consultant under HUSA’s license agreement with Millennium Seismic for the generation and sale of prospects from Millennium’s seismic data base under license to HUSA. This agreement will provide HUSA with ongoing prospect generation activity with no additional overhead. Nettlecombe will use its best efforts to provide all necessary lease funding as well as selling the prospects generated to industry partners and/or third parties. As compensation to Nettlecombe for providing these consulting services, HUSA will share its profits and its retained interests in these prospects with Nettlecombe. HUSA may participate in the prospects generated under certain conditions with no compensation to Nettlecombe.
This agreement is non-exclusive and thus provides HUSA with the option of engaging other parties in similar agreements. Management is very pleased about this arrangement with Nettlecombe as it provides HUSA with ongoing prospect generating, leasing and sale of prospects at no further direct costs to HUSA. Therefore, HUSA will be promoting prospects as well as having prospects generated for its own participation by the staff and resources of Nettlecombe.
Prior to joining HUSA, the management of HUSA conducted business with Nettlecombe and its principals for over 10 years. During this time, Nettlecombe has generated numerous prospects and caused them to be drilled with many resulting as producers. Therefore, management believes that this agreement has the potential to produce significant value to HUSA over time.
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SOURCE: Houston American Energy Corp.