Background and Philosophy

The Company was incorporated in April 2001, for the purpose of engaging in oil and gas exploration and production because the Company recognized the opportunity that existed for smaller energy companies to participate in both domestic and international projects that held the potential for significant revenues and production.

In 2013, the company expanded its scope to include participation in projects in the United States. The company believes the growth in domestic oil and gas exploration activity presents additional opportunities for the company to enhance shareholder value.  In 2022, the company partnered with Hupecol Meta and returned to Colombia.

Core to the company’s business philosophy is the commitment to controlling operating expenses, the elimination of short and long-term debt and the pursuit of partnerships with others in the industry.

Each of the company’s exploration projects differs in scope and character and consists of one or more types of assets, such as 3-D seismic data, leasehold positions, lease options, working interest in leases, partnership or limited liability company interest or other mineral rights. This diversification of opportunities reduces risk and promotes more substantial overall returns.