Real Time Updates

To keep shareholders informed about recent developments, the company has initiated the Real Time Updates section of our web site.

This section will include important events over the past 90 days and will be updated monthly.

Q3, 2023 Highlights

$586,626 quarterly distribution from Hupecol Meta (Colombian Operations)

Hupecol has advised that it intends to evaluate potential monetization of its assets in Colombia, including the interest in the CPO-11 block held by Hupecol Meta. Pending the outcome of Hupecol’s evaluation of, and potential efforts regarding, monetization of the CPO-11 block, we have no planned drilling operations, or other planned operations, in Colombia and we expect to continue to operate our existing wells on the CPO-11 block. There is no assurance as to the timing or outcome of Hupecol’s potential monetization of assets.